Lost Songs

I talk very little about music here weirdly given what I do for a living. This is one that I should have found when it came out in July but that slipped through the net. That happens a lot unfortunately. Even now I’m trawling through this week’s singles and something is going to get missed. Because of the volume of stuff that comes in everything usually gets one play to make an impression. Not perfect, but necessary.

Maybe when I heard it again recently it just clicked with something in me. I got to play it as Headspace this week, you might enjoy it…

4 thoughts on “Lost Songs

  1. Beautiful voice. For a split second I thought she was the scary one from Shakespeare’s Sister – whatever happened to her? She gave me nightmares.

  2. I *think* I mean Siobhan Fahey – the one who sings (in Stay)

    “you better hope and pray that you’ll wake one day back in the real world”

    Similarly, I don’t know why I’ve managed to retain that information. Apart from the fact that she scared the livin bejaysus out of me at the time. It was all in the eyeliner.

    I was a sensitive teenager.

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