Poles Apart

Seen the news today?

The Polish parliamentary election were being held and the demand for ex-pats here to vote was so high that they’ve been queuing around the block all day. Have a look, seriously…


Just got a text from a Polish friend; her and her dad were turned away eventually because the queues were so long. Does it make you ashamed of our recent indifference to our franchise?

One thought on “Poles Apart

  1. Turnout wasn’t bad in the election just gone. It was something like 67% – ok, not brilliant but the turnout in this Polish election was in the 50’s. Reading other stuff today – seems that Poland traditionally has the lowest voter turnout in Europe.

    It does bother me that so many people don’t bother voting in our own elections though. I’m probably a bit of a sap but I feel a sense of importance when I go into vote on election day. I always walk away from the polling centre with my head held a little higher and feel lighter. Same kind of feeling I get after confession (although I have to confess it’s a long time since I’ve been).

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