“Lots of planets have a North…”

(Standard post opening)

Jaysus sure it’s been such a busy week!!!! Sorry about the lack of posting.

(Then we continue….)

Just saw the last of Dr Who and was thoroughly blown away. I’ll admit to mixed feelings before all this started (Yes to Russell T Davies and Christopher Eccleston, no to BILLIE FECKIN PIPER!) and even to still having them a few weeks into the run (not so sure about the Autons and the Charles Dickens episodes, Billie went into the plus column pretty much straight away) but this was pure sci-fi gold.

The episodes set in WWII, when Rose returns to the scene of her father’s death and the first Dalek episode are as good as the series has ever been, the season finale (as Russell Davies called it himself in the Guardian last week) is the Mount Everest of these TV Himalayas. A half a million Daleks, the Doctor as a contestant on Big Brother and a regeneration. What more can a geek fanboy ask for? 🙂

A closet geek mate of mine just texted me with the one word review “Wowsers” and rightly so! I shall not out which major radio station he is the programme director of providing he stops sending me texts complaining about my lack of posts here… 🙂

There are a couple of episodes I missed over the run (cause my normally flawless Sky+ box decided to throw a wobbly!) so I can’t wait for the box set with all the extras.

Yes, it is an absolute pain in the arse that Ecccleston decided to only do one series but yes, I understand why (would 2 have been such a stretch though?) He is, by a mile, my favourite Doctor ever and the new lad will have a lot to live up to. Having said that he was great in Casanova…

Saturday evening telly will now return to the cultural wasteland it’s been for years. Hasn’t been the same since Noel’s House Party was taken off ya know…