The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Blogger…

Y’know it seemed like a relatively easy task. Allocate a half hour at the end of each day before I head home to the oul blog, jot down a few pithy words about the doddle that was the day to day running of the country’s biggest breakfast show and Bob’s your auntie. Yup, a load of complete arse as it turns out.

You see almost every day without exception is taken up to the very end with any one of a million tasks that we all have to perform if we want to do all of the million ideas we have to keep the show ticking over nicely and then we all collapse into a heap of sweat and crawl off home to recover for another day…. Or something like that šŸ™‚

And so my blogging has been sadly relegated to times like now. Times when in theory if I want to function correctly for tomorrow’s show (although that would be a first!) I should be asleep, but instead I’m ripping tunes into my mp3 player. The Magic Numbers album tonight along with the new Fountains Of Wayne b-sides thing Out Of State Plates….. Bit of Johhny Cash, The Streets, The Eels, Snow Patrol… The usual…

That whole sleep is a weird enough thing. If you’ve been paying half attention you’ll know that I moved back to Dublin from the wilds of Kildare recently and my early morning commute went from 50 minutes to about 8 (yay!) You would think that’d mean more sleep for me wouldn’t you? Not at all gentle reader. I am, of course, just going to bed later as is human nature….

I’m not going to mention the blissful weather over the last couple of weeks – I’ll just jinx it.

Friday is the big day for us all and the first day Ruth and I will do a live show in front of an invited audience. Genuine apologies to all who couldn’t get tickets – we started small this time presuming we’d have to pay people to come but not at all! The whiff of a free Galway Radisson breakfast and they mailed in their hundreds! We are under no illusion that they’re coming to see us at all.

Huge week next week on the show too – mobile phones a go go to give away with one winner going to feckin Hong Kong!!! And *sings*”we’ve got a golden ticket……” Wanna go to London to see a movie? šŸ™‚ All will be revealed on Monday just before 8.

All kind of sort of change behind the scenes again as well (I know, I know!) with Michael our most recent producer off on holliers and then on assignment til the end of the Summer. He has been the hardest working man in showbusiness while he was with us (yes, I know that many people who know him intimately find this astonishing but, hey…) and for that we salute him. A big hey and hello to Jenny who’s with us for the next little while and I’m sure will get over her shellshock at our strangeness in the not too distant future :-)))

Best of the best of luck to Ryan T over on Radio 1 by the way – he mailed me today chatting about starting and the nervousness of taking over from such a successful and prominent figure as Marian Finucane. Now at least I’m sure he knows how we felt all those seemingly long months ago šŸ™‚


PS One last thought before I go – just how feckin’ cool is Batman Begins?!?!?!?! I’m a fan from way, way back and have been waiting for someone to do a Year One/Arkham Asylum/Dark Knight Returns for what seems an age and finally we have a winner!!! (Although I would have wet myself at the Darren Aronofsky/Clint Eastwood version had it come off…)

I urge you to see it in the strongest possible terms as it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever but maybe one for the young ones in the audience to avoid as it is dark and disturbing as the Batman story shold be…

PPS 825 tracks on my player… Only another 9175 to go!