The Shortest Most Pointless Entry In The World….. Ever!

Ah, and just as the abusive e-mails to breakfast central reach a crescendo of “will you ever get a feckin’ move on with the blog entries you twit!” I unleash another nugget from the jetlagged land of Rick and Ruth (and just as an illustration it took 3 goes there to type “Ruth” correctly.)

Can’t emphasise how much fun the live breakfast was last Friday at the Radisson in Galway. A simply lovely bunch of people (hi Brenda!) who sorted us out for every little thing we needed for the show and our invited guests (scrummy, scrummy brekkie too!) and it was the most impossible fun for both of us to do the show with a mega bunch of people in the crowd (including the family that turned up at 6.30 when the doors opened and the lad who came all the way from Tipperary just to see the show!) Yes, we are coming to a town near you – the next one to be announced over the next few weeks…

As for this week – we’re giving away cases of Wonka bars and a trip to the London premiere of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. How genuinely cool is that? 🙂 And not for the first time am I going to be truly jealous of one of you…


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