The Average, The Awful And The Just Plain Euchy…

Okey dokey so….. I know that sometimes I whine on about some new movie I either love or hate but in the spirit of the day (I’m off with the Untitled lot at 2 to record this week’s show on the streets of Dublin – seemed like a good idea when I came up with it…) let’s keep this one brief.

Madagascar – not half bad, quite a few decent laughs and jokes that will go over the kiddies heads (always good for bored parents) and worth the effort in a “Shark Tale” kind of way but Shrek or The Incredibles it ain’t. Loved the penguins!

Fantastic Four – Oh deary deary me. As is always the case with summer blockbusters and superhero movies for every decent one (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, the 2 Spiderman movies) there are a host of brainless, pointless followers (Batman And Robin, Batman Forever, Daredevil, Catwoman) and unfortunately FF is in the latter column. Shallow plot at best, fairly predictable action and it takes an eternity for the (crap!) villain to duke it out with our heroes.

No, your not getting older, yes, movies are getting stupider.


PS After all these months my Make Poverty History wristband is getting a bit yellow…. Should I get a new one…?