Low Carb Bread, Tiny Little Paris & London And Lemony Snicket 12!

I have many questions tonight on the show… They include:

What in the name of flippin, freakin, David Beckham on a rocket sled is Lo-carb bread?!?!?!?!? Surely bread is all carb????????????? What next? Lactose-free milk? Protein-free peanuts?!? I am at the point where I really think many of the freaks on the Atkins diet are slowly having their brain cells eaten away by their daily regime…

Read a bit today in the paper of the all carb diet being espoused – 14 slices of wholemeal a day but not much else!! Sweet…. 🙂

Are these the coolest things or what? Tiny little cities I saw today in the window of Muji the Japanese stationery/lifestyle store off Grafton Street. Paris at the top even has the Grande Arche De La Defense and London comes complete with London Eye and Norman Foster’s gherkin building… Wait til payday comes my pretties…

And finally… Why was there so little fanfare about the launch today of the 12th Lemony Snicket Series Of Unfortunate Events book The Penultimate Peril? “There are 12?” I hear you cry? Yup, the first 3 were used in the fairly ordinary movie last year with Jim Carrey. This is so anticipated in my house that my 7 year old has temporarily abandoned our progress in the 4th Harry Potter book to go straight to this. First chapter was great 🙂

All these questions and less will be answered at 10