Messages My Coffee Is Sending Me…

Two conflicting thoughts going around in my head…

(1) Am slightly upset that I wasn’t on tonight to play Sympathy For The Devil, Monster Mash, Ghost Town and Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en? (haven’t heard of that one yet? Features Beck, Arcade Fire, Sum 41, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Buck 65… Check out the video HERE – I’ll spin it tomorrow night on the show anyway…)

(2) The real, rational, normal part of me is always glad to have a night off (particularly on a Bank Holiday when I’m usually the only one of my family or friends who works) and particularly so tonight when I got to go trick or treating with my kids. Also bobbed for apples tonight for the first time since I was a kid and although I nearly drowned in the process I beat a group of 5, 6 and 7 year olds! Sweet…

Busy listening to music for the show for the week so today just a brief glimpse into what goes on in my head when no-one else is around…


#1 – Peace On Earth

#2 – The Eagle Has Landed

#3 – I Love You Rick…

#4 – Not So Sure About This One…


PS There appears to be a fox living in my back garden…And grooming itself there in broad daylight… Good or bad thing? –

0 thoughts on “Messages My Coffee Is Sending Me…

  1. Ooooh look at mee im the first to post today!! awww i love the fox rick, lets call him ‘bouncer’ 🙂

    I am a deaf 22 year old art student and i still manage to ‘listen’ to ur show 🙂 tho i live in county COUNTY Limerick, my radio seems to keep the people in cork awake!! :p
    keep up the good blog 🙂 It helps people like me keep up with what i would normally miss on the show 🙂

    Colette 🙂

    ps: please check my web page, it would be cool if u could post there, then Id have a famouse person on my side 🙂 and ill even do a write up on the great show 🙂
    (yes rick ur famous) dont get too swelled a head now :p

  2. Of course it’s a good thing! Would you prefer a scruffy fox :O

    Mark 😛

    P.s. Got the Star Wars DVD, best of the prequils and it looks great on DVD, but It’s too late, Joss Whedon is my master now

  3. Having a fox is cute. Not so good for you though is the fact that he (or she!) is cleaning itself in broad daylight. That normally signals that an animal is very comfortable in it’s surroundings. Alternatively it could be just desperate for food and doesn’t give a crap about where it cleans itself. Either way – you have a problem.

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