Mmmmmmm… Beer……

Simple as.

I’ve been trying out a few (mostly!) Irish craft beers over the last few weeks and I thought I’d recommend some of them in case that’s your sort of thing.

A picture does tell a thousand blah blah blah and I have no intention of doing the “it has a lovely woody bouquet with just a hint of blueberry and sandalwood” thing 🙂

These were all very lovely, each in their own way…

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Anything else you think is worth a go? Drop me a comment, tweet @rickoshea or mail

8 thoughts on “Mmmmmmm… Beer……

    1. Limited editions and seasonals are what keep the beer world interesting. For example the annual return of Chocolate Truffle Stout to the Porterhouse bars is the only way some of us know it’s Spring.

  1. Love the Sierra Nevada and O’Hara’s.

    Brewdog’s Punk IPA and 5AM Saint are great (Scotland)
    Metalman do lovely beers, they’re from Waterford.
    Anchor Steam beer is lovely (CA)
    and so is Flying Dog’s Doggystyle (Denver) – fantastic Ralph Steadman illustrations on the labels too.

    Blackrock Cellar and Redmonds in Ranelagh are great spots for craft beers if people are having trouble finding them.

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