Well that’s all over then…


Briefly, as the radio show is bearing down upon me and I haven’t slept in the last 24 hours, Montreal was fascinating and not what I’d expected. 30 degrees outside and 70-80% humidity.

The prep was all very low-key and done on the plane on the way over 🙂


The conference centre itself was very swanky, modern, huge, beautiful…


And the hall held over 1200 with people standing around the edges too. All the pics are from beforehand sadly…

My 20 minutes seemed to go well, the cat slides seemed to break up all the serious science of the other 5 speaker around me, most of whom were neurologists, researchers and scientists…

WP_20130624_004  WP_20130624_007WP_20130624_006

In other news, they’re very serious about their cigarette packet covers:


And I should not be allowed near bookstores in other cities. Ever.

Came home with this and these:

cover WP_20130626_001

Story of my life…


EDIT – Found this on the Epilepsy Ireland FB page – someone took a pic of me onstage!


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