Mugaii one 5ive, oh…

I’ve never run a competition here before and this one seems surreal and crap enough of an idea…
I found the above mug in almost pristine condition at the back of a cupboard the other day. Tell me why you want it in the comments below and it’s yours 🙂

11 thoughts on “Mugaii one 5ive, oh…

  1. 3 excellent reasons: i love tea, i love five, and iv always wanted to know what the back of rick o sheas cupboard smells like

  2. because i was the ultimate 5ive fan (well as ultimate as you can be without the mug), went to see them in the point, went to see them at their instore waaaay back in the days of megastore, but mostly because everytime they decide to play it in the student bar in the college, I’m the one that starts the dance routine! “five bads boys with the power to rock you!” (am i really clinging on to my youth this desperately? 🙂 )

  3. i want it so i can smash it cos some members of 5 smashed a friends face so its the least they deserve 🙂

  4. I’m not after it, but when did 5ive change their name to Five (as is written on the mug)

  5. I’m not going to lie to you. I am part of a secret organisation to prevent aliens from invading the earth. This mug is of vital importance as it is the perfect amount of tacky to repel them to another place, like Uranus.
    Please, help the cause

  6. I want it so I can hold something Kingsize in my hands without being arrested for lewd behaviour.

    Ohh, and I like to say “Everybody get up, when you down” with Five.

  7. 5ive times 1 is 5ive…that was their NAME

    5ive times 2 is 10…this is also 2 times their NAME

    5ive times 3 is 15…the age sean was when he joined 5IVE

    5ive times 4 is 20…the age J was when he joined 5IVE

    5ive times 5ive is 25ive…none of them were this age when they joined because they were too YOUNG

    did you know sean is pursuing a solo career?? isn’t that hilarious??

    didn’t you enjoy hearing all about 5ive?? if you give me the mug i’ll tell you more. ok ok how about if you give me the mug i WONT tell you more. yeh thats fair.

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