My Momma Told Me…..

Remember, this is all allegedly work…

Yesterday morning we had the fan-feckin-tastic Julie Dawn Cole on the show talking about her role as the original Veruca Salt all those years ago, how she and Violet were both secretly copping off with Charlie (!) and how she never liked chocolate..

CLICK HERE for 11 minutes of pure imagination…

Then we headed off for 2 and a half hours in Dublin Zoo feeding Lemurs, Bats, Sealions and Elephants 🙂 You can check out the results when we come live from the Zoo on Tuesday morning and yes, there will be snakes involved :-)))))))))

Remember, this is all allegedly work…


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  1. Finaly checked out your blog! Man your kept busy how do you get the time to do this stuff? Any way after reading all the hype on Charlie and the blah blah blah i went to the cinema with little person and what did he like best about the film?? The squirrels! oh and the girl who turned blue. So thinking id have more success i got the original for him and surprise surprise what did he like? the goose with the golden egg and the girl who turned blue i give up. And as i was telling your good lady wife ill slit my wrists if i see it one more time! See you soon

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