Harry Potter And The Half-Arsed Effort

To call my effort at finally reading the new Harry Potter half-arsed (and is half-arsed hyphenated anyway?!?!?!?!?) would be a gross understatement. Here we are two weeks since the actual launch (CLICK HERE for some piccies of the launches in Dubray Books we were involved in) and I’ve managed 240 paltry pages. Not bad for most mortals but a bit poor for someone who was actually excited enough to head out at midnight to buy the damned thing.

I suppose there’s a part of me that actually wants to find out where the story goes, who dies in this one and far more importantly how it all ends after what will be 7 long hard books of effort. But (and here’s where the heresy creeps in) there is a part of me that couldn’t be arsed and is only persisting out of sheer bloody mindedness. Let’s face it – I could be reading the feckin thing now instead of writing this! But, I’m not…

I was there for 4 whole books with whole heart, right up until Order Of The Phoenix and then, as everyone must at some point, she blinked (you can CLICK HERE if you’re bothered enough to read my full ramble on the subject!) This one has started much brighter but the repetition of structure is getting to me at this point… Having said that, nil desperandum!! The race isn’t over until blah, blah, blah…..


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  1. I have to say, having also been a huge fan for the first four, that I now have a sneaky suspicion that “writing for the movies” is coming into it. That being said – having got to the final chapters let me tell you I was grippedby the way it played out….

    And by the way, I guess tiredness may excuse you, but HP and the HBP is the sixth book….

  2. ahhh this is my second time typing this… i was a huge fan of the first four books reading them all together within a few weeks. the quality is definitly going down hill she seems to be writing the books out of obiligation, contractual may be, but she no longer writes out of love for harry potter and the book series. maybe this is due to extra work load writing for the films, increasing media and fan based infulence on the books look at the complants made about her shippers. she didn’t seem at all comfortable with the kids at the midnight reading. but thats what i think

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