Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)

Now there’s a strange one and an experience you can share when it comes out in the shops on August the 12th…

I’ve never been a Supergrass fan; Alright made me want to inflict harm on their facial hair infested little faces, Kiss Of Life was ok. Their new album, Road To Rouen, fell into my lap last weekend and instead of ending up in the bag of rejects I give to my brother (where I would have expected it to go) has been my poison of choice ever since. It sounds completely unlike almost everything they’ve ever done before and more like the last album Led Zeppelin never made and for that count me suitably flabbergasted. It’s doggedly uncommercial (and hallelujah for that!) so don’t expect it to be setting any sales records soon but since when has that been the measure of a good album?


PS Whoo hoo for The Go! Team. Only saw this week that Thunder, Lightning, Strike has been nominated for the Mercury Prize in the UK. Always thought they didn’t get the huge buzz the album deserved, nice to see that Dan Hegarty, DO’D and myself were right all along 😛

PPS Have just realised that I’ve had 15 hours sleep since Tuesday morning and have been up for 17 1/2 hours today alone already…. Possibly time to go to bed at this stage? Seriously, parenting makes you realise that sleep is for wusses…

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