Oxegenated 3 – My Weekend…

I think it’s best to let the two days explain themselves in photos to follow as you’re going to read your fair share of reviews over the next day or so.

Suffice to say on Friday I saw Battles (incredibly loud and impressive), Ben Folds (worth the wait – he was mega and I was surrounded by people who knew every word to every song. It lashed, we didn’t care) and Mundy (the busiest I saw any tent on Friday, he had 3000 people in the palm of his hand).

Saturday started with Bowling For Soup while I was waiting for the bar to open (the young folk seemed to love them), Camille O’Sullivan (she was the sexiest person I saw onstage anywhere all weekend swigging from a bottle of red wine at half one!), The Brian Jonestown Massacre (they one have one song they repeat but they do it so well), The Tings Tings (highlight of the weekend for me, they were turning people away from the tent and still people were shimmying under the walls in the mud, they were impossibly tight and knew how to work the crowd, should have been on the main stage was the comment I heard from most others), the legendary Seasick Steve (played to an enthralled audience who had an almost religious fervour going on) and Black Kids (tight and well recieved) before the REM (as flashily great as they usually are but hard to appreciate them from so far away – it was impossibly to get near the stage).

So many other flashes of information from the weekend. Our lot, the Jennys, Dan, Cormac, Mark McC, meeting the lovely Nicola Hudson from Roadwatch for the first time, then Una, Lili, Corina, Simon Phantom, a hundred record label people, the FKOS, Shane H, Sarah-Jane Denzille… Tried to keep a low profile mostly… 

Spent almost all weekend with ma bitches – Darren and Lottie, Andrew, Orpees, Milan and our own Amanda from the show.

Thanks to Shane M and Ruth S for the lifts up and down!

Wish I could have done Sunday, and incredible two days, just top of the range, as the photos will show 🙂

8 thoughts on “Oxegenated 3 – My Weekend…

  1. Good to see you on Saturday, even if you clearly tried to blank me so that you could be left in peace to enjoy your VIP Abrakebabra.

  2. My apologies m’lady. Anyway, really I know it’s Milan’s world, we all just live in it…

    Shane? Too much information… I’ll stand further away next time 😉

  3. Nice review on photos! I put some of mine up there.. Didnt’ spot you all weekend. You must have been hiding! :p

  4. I’m only out of bed. Normally, I have an OK grasp of the English lingo… let’s try again… 1…2…3… Nice review and photos. I put some of mine up the other day. Didn’t spot you all weekend – you must have been hiding!

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