8 thoughts on “Oh God…

  1. Sweet Lamb of Devine …….. !

    That is a classic.

    Why do the words ‘dumb’, ‘blonde’, ‘bimbo’ and ‘American’ spring to mind?

    She’s a clichĂ© on a stick 🙂

  2. Herself and Miss Teen South South Carolina should have an intellectual smackdown

    And your specialist subject is….

    Uhhh I know some countries that also do be sounding like food and stuff


    Oh and world peace

  3. When I worked in LA I routinely heard the following from apparently educated people:

    Is Ireland near London?
    Do you have electricity there yet?
    You British people are so funny.

    Obviously that could also be countered by the loads of people I met who knew more about Irish history than I did. Nation of extremes.

  4. I was once asked do we use paper money…. i was like oh no we still barter cows and sheep for goods and services

  5. Kellie Pickler, American Idol contestant… dumb is her thing. Though just the fact that she thinks this makes her endearing is a sad statement about American culture.

  6. Hilarious- and people wonder why I can be so scathing towards my former compatriots!!
    Although I do wonder about her ponderings in calling Europe a country….EU in 100 years time with no nationalistic identities and all nation-states subservient to a federal government …hmmmm suppose that didn’t really cross her mind though;-)

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