The Best Book Since…


You HAVE to read Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar The Clown. The first book probably since The Time Traveller’s Wife that I’ve marked pages to read and re-read again.

You HAVE to read this again:

Please 🙂

To love was to risk your life, she thought….” Never truer words said in fiction.

The new book? Total different kettle of fish.

Raymond Chandler’s prose is so beautiful I’m making painfully slow progress. Mostly because I want to re-read whole pages again he writes so creatively! Will report later.

3 thoughts on “The Best Book Since…

  1. Agree with you on Shalimar-excellent! Love Rushdie but sometimes it does take a while to finish his earlier books since they are chock full of prose. Will have to check out Chandler.

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