Question Time!


Never had a question time on the blog before so let’s get cracking! Yes and no Colm – Joe Duffy did send both Ruth and I lovely cards both in picture and sentiment, no they weren’t hand painted but had a picture of a painting he did a couple of years ago on them.

I’ve never spoken to Joe before, never even exchanged a hello with him in the corridors but he came over to me for a chat last week. That and the card only serve to reinforce the reputation he has in here as one of the true gentlemen of the organisation.

And to Alan from the same comments section do send whatever you made! It’s all gratefully received! 🙂


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  1. Yeah, I sent out a parcel to ye there on Saturday morning so I’d expect it to have got there by now. I just sent it to Rick O’Shea c/o 2fm, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

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