The Last Day & The First Day…

This morning (Monday) was a weird one – the first weekday in 6 months where I haven’t had to get up at 4/5am… My wife woke at 6 and screamed “Oh my God!! It’s 6, you’re late for work!!!!”. I tried to pacify her with “Honey, I don’t present the Breakfast Show anymore…” to which she replied half asleep “Are you sure?”, “Yes, yes I am sweetheart…..” Woke at 7 feeling like I’d had a Sunday morning lie-on…

It was lovely too to be able to walk by little boy to school for the first time since March – he was well chuffed. Went off and had coffee with my lovely partner and then we went shopping! This losing the brekkie has its advantages you know 🙂

Promised I’d have a chat about last Friday, the last day… By the time it rolled around my little one had a cold and so was up every half hour on Tue & Wed nights. This meant that I was so tired I didn’t know what way was up or down. Having said that I had some of the best fun ever with Francis, Damo and Eric on the last couple of days and even avoided getting too emotional at least while the mike was still open 🙂

Took some piccies too:

Damo shooting me shooting Damo…

Francis “The Hardest Working Man In Showbusiness” Boylan Jnr

Damo, Francis, Sinead the producer, Me… All looking suitably happy.

Why must the show go on…?

All of this and I still haven’t posted the stuff and pictures about the weekend in Cork… Maybe tomorrow? 🙂


PS Have just seen that I’m listed at Irish Blogs and that anytime I post here it turns up on their homepage! Neat idea….

PPS Ruth started her new gig today – 4 to 6 weekdays. Give her your love and support!