Second Date Discoveries…

After I saw Knocked Up last night in which Katherine Heigl’s character ends up on a second date with the loser/stoner character Seth Rogen plays (she picks him up in his place with all of his incredibly weird friends) I thought I might ask you what second date revelations you had the made you think twice about someone.

Or if you just ran.


On the third night this girl brought me back to the house this voice shouts down the stairs there will be no horsing in this house…three weeks later he caught me in bed with her he broke a lamp shade off my head but she was worth it

I went out for a date wit a girl on the fri night, went out wit a different girl on the sat. Then the following week on d second date with the fri night girl, found out they were sisters when they were clawing d face off eachother on my way to the toilet in the night club dat night. Paul.

Hi rick. A year ago Slept wit a girl i really liked on our 2nd date i woke up n de middle of de Nite n found her n bed wit my bro, she told me she must hav bn sleep walking. I went mad n threw her out of my house n put my bro n hospital. Paul.

Second date guy tells me he’s really into me and can see himself spending the rest of his life with me.. It freaked me and i said i wasn’t ready 4 a relationship.. He asked did i think any of my friends would go out with him…..

My “second” date was when i turned up for work one monday morning to find the new ceo was the girl i shared a very intimate first date with

Second date,he was lot less better looking than my drunk counterpart had thought,3rd date he was planning what to get me for xmas-9months away,eh bubye!Ash,galw

Maybe 4 r5 dates later went out 4 a drive with date who had 2 call to a custamor on r way .when we got there he opened bac door of jeep took out his gear and pu t on this red glove that went up 2 his shoulder.he worked in (r for) a.i artificial insemination needless 2 say wer not mr n mrs .(ps i knew he was from a farming bac round

Rick, 1st date lady stayed over, she was gone when i woke i went downstairs 2 c she’d cleaned d whole house, even d kettle n cupboards.. Polished d kettle!

Second date i caught a girl picking her nose and eating it joe

On 1st date the guy told me that he had spent the day with his dad in hospital. feeling sorry, i asked what was wrong, his mum had stabbed his dad!

Went on a second date with a woman who handed me back a lock of my own hair folded into a piece of paper that she’d cut off without me knowing saying she was a witch and had been casting spells over me. Chris.

I once went out wit a guy completely OBSESSED wit my monthlies. No matter how many times i changed the subject he always came straight back to it. Unimpressive!

2nd date l found out he was most boring man EVER ! Was drunk when l met him + thought he was briliant witty etc ! Jackie Co Kerry

he lived wit his mum nd called er mummy nd was 30years old

Met a girl in russia gorgeous discovered she was the mistress of one of the mafia and the apartment i was having a shower in was his

Went out wit a guy when i lived in new york, had a great third date where back in his place watchin jersey girl that really bad movie wit ben and j-lo and he started to cry, i ran a mile, next day told him i was leavin country!

I was at the cinema on the 2nd date an i farted quietly but the smell was brutal. Never saw her again

On our second date this girl took me back to her house. During the night we awoke to the sound of breaking glass. She said oh that will be john my husband. Seems he was a house breaker and he often called in to see her this way. She was out in the landing telling him to give her the knife. He was saying he was going to kill me. I was praying that if i was going to be in a fight please let me get my pants on. It ended with him saying i could have his wife but not his four kids.

His x showed up and asked if she could have a word wth me…. Lets just say it wasnt 2tell me how great he was.. Did i listen.. No! Nearly a year later i was nursing a broken heart. And taken crap from the x and the her mob family.. Free now thank God. Should have listened do even do she is a physo!

I discovered a girl had written a letter to herself from me saying how much i liked her and hoped we would be together. We didnt last much longer dancin posty

Second date discovory..she was a strict Roman catholic,didn’t believe in sex before marriage..Paul digger driver Sligo

When a girl asks you to help her walk her cats!i mean put them on leads and walk them!at least i could get away but the poor cats could not

My friend went on a 2nd date with a girl and when he went back 2 her place found a weding dres hanging n her wardrobe.she liked da dres so much she was keping it 4 when she wud get 3rd date ther.geraldine n galway

First date had nice pin stripe blue shirt, 2nd date,the next nite,thought shirt looked familiar, 3rd & 4th date…same shirt. He had a “going out” shirt! Siobhan in kerry

2nd date in bed with a girl. She askd me 2 smack her. I refused and she threatend 2 kill me in my sleep. I askd her 2 leave. There wasnt a 3rd date. Mr. X

Met through friends.had good text relationship going on.decided 2 go 4 a drink.discovered he didnt like the simpsons and didnt think arrested development was funny.enough said.never even made it 2 2nd date!

My second date insisted on pouring wine into my pockets ‘for later’ and trying to feed me like a mother bird does to a baby bird… Yeah…L in galway

Hi rick, i went a date with a guy a while ago but the last time his wife confronted him during our main course! I never ran so fast in my life! Liz!

I went 2 the toilet on a 2nd date+left phone on table in pub.when i looked at my phone later my date had deleted all msgs from any other guys off it,sally ann

A used condom in girls sofa not mine. Brian

she talks to ghosts one is her best friend his name is sam? And she says he is in the room when we 1st had sex! She dump me saying i was the mad one!

I went back to a guys house on 2nd date & he was living in shed at back of his house that he had rented out instead of working in a job! No 3rd date after that!

Three words…the crying game…enough said!