Serve As Cool As Doogie Howser M.D.

Brewdog genuinely don’t make a bad beer, do they? Had all of these over the last while and they vary from great to spectacular. Ever the lager! I normally hate lagers…

WP_20141031_21_45_08_Pro WP_20141031_21_46_21_Pro

WP_20141110_20_25_33_Pro (1) WP_20141110_21_08_24_Pro

As for the Mountain Man Brewing guys, their labels have as much effort put into the as one presumes the beer does too…




And other stuff that came my way recently, including the stash McGargles and Dungarvan sent into the office. I’ll convert the guys I work with yet.

WP_20141031_13_19_00_Pro (1)





Oh yeah, I’m on Untappd these days too if you have the app…


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