Sick Note

I’m in one piece, thanks for asking.

I do, however, have two of these down the back of my throat where my tonsils used to be.



Slept most of the day, am eating now and am a stubborn bastid when it comes to missing a show so I think I’ll be back at my desk in the morning.

I may sound like a hundred and four year old chain smoker, but I’ll get by.

Actually I have…..

Sorry. Got distracted by this:

I know the audio is crap but just turn it down and watch the pictures 🙂


Actually I forgot what I was going to write about. Not hugely well. Will save it for tomorrow 😉

5 thoughts on “Sick Note

  1. Get well soon man… Was meant to get mine out a while back but totally bottled it and never went back to the docs! I am now living in mexico…

  2. Thats an insult to chain smokers everywhere. I am a chain smoker and have a beautiful voice. My version of Ave Marie is second to none. Not too sure about this Liverpool Arsenal thing. Thinks we may be out of the Champions League by next week? Cmon the pool!! Get Ken Doherty to sort out your throat problem..

    Bald Devil loves you all.

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