11 thoughts on “Now We Are Three

  1. Happy Birthofblogday, Rick.

    You mentioned in another post that you were going to rename the blog so here are some name suggestions:

    Drugs, Politics & A Love For Badges: The Rick O’Shea Story
    Rick O’Shea Vs Godzilla Vs Kramer Vs Kramer
    DZ-015: The Pedro Monscooch Tribute Blog

  2. 3 is the magic number, only just checked my blog and my 3rd birthday is coming up on the 19th of April although the webpage itself is over 5 years old at this stage, so you blogged before me, I am shocked.

    Aquaasho, im only starting to get into black and white 😉

    Many many happy returns, I have to say the force is strong with you now, young padawan, and heres to the next 3 years.

    Congrats again mate.

  3. Thanks to all 🙂

    GI I think I beat Jim by 729 actually 😉

    Merci RP…

    Pedro, all suggections are gratefully accepted…

    Ash, everything looks better in black and white! We actually used to write the blog by hand in my day 😉

    Thanks McA – it seems as if I blogged before almost everyone! Still can’t quite get over that…

    And LeC I’d kill for a wordcount! Anyone got the software for that?

    Thanks all again 😉

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