The Arse Of Saturday Night…

First off (and why do I feel the need to justify my movements to my blog readers? Feckin’ madness, Ted…) the reason I’m sitting here at home slaving over a hot PC on a Saturday night instead of being somewhere out there enjoying “life” is the imminent start of the show I’ve waited twelve years to do.

I’m sitting here compiling lists of tracks as far back as the 60s that are going to make up the back catalogue part of the new show and now it’s break time (on in the background the new Paul McCartney album – it’s not half bad y’know much to my astonishment! The ’01 Bordeaux I got in the Superquinn French Wine Sale is astonishing me almost as much. Not mad about French reds; much prefer good stuff from Oz, Spain or Italy but this one is fairly decent.)

Already have 4 pages of stuff to do/talk about/refer to/guests to have on for next week and to describe Penny my producer as hyper-excited would be a serious understatement. She smiles far too much for an RTE producer and I’m sure will get a lecture on the subject from the corporate seriousness police in the very near future…

Felt a huge surge of pride for my glorious life partner/co-conspirator/uber-honey/wife this week – she sold the first cake in her new business. She’s one of the most intensely creative people I’ve ever met (cooks, draws, paints, creates but thinks nothing of them because she very falsely assumes we could all do the same if only we put our minds to it) and has a new outlet creating extraordinary cakes for special birthdays, weddings, corporate gifts etc.

Sent one in on one of the last days of the brekkie show in the shape of a huge two tier fort with flake walls and tiny edible elephants, monkeys etc looking over the top as if it was a ham and cheese sandwich she’d lashed together. There were many slackened belts around the office that day…

Managed to whip up a cake this week in the shape of a computer monitor, mouse, mousemat, keyboard, desk & pencils for a company who wanted to present it to a computer firm they did business with. Feckin rocket science… 🙂

Hungry now – need tea and toast…


PS Absolute LAST of the references to the site stats I’m getting (I know I rattle on about this but that anyone is reading what’s here is astonishing to me) but since I started it running earlier in the week they’ve been very specific. As well as all the generic “Ireland”, “U.K.” and “U.S.” ones people have logged on from:

Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin
France – Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes
Messukyl, Western Finland
Kilteel, Kildare
Harold’s Cross, Dublin
United Kingdom – Reading
Keelties, Kerry
((Saint Anns Wells)), Dublin
Cleveland, Ohio
Drumcondra, Dublin
Sandyford, Dublin
Marino, Dublin
Germany – Hamburg
Boston, Galway
United Kingdom – Birmingham
Ballyneety, Limerick
Carrickmines, Dublin
Dallas, Texas
Toronto, Ontario
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of
Germany – Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg
Hightown, Cork
United Kingdom – Warren, Stockport
San Jose, California
Boise, Idaho
Potsdam, New York
Los Angeles, California
Switzerland – Zurich
United Kingdom – London, Lambeth
Mountjoy, Dublin

And that’s just from the last 100 visits… I am just, and always have been, a stats freak is all.

6 thoughts on “The Arse Of Saturday Night…

  1. Rick, how she cuttin?

    You grabbed my interest when you mentioned (just a minute or so ago) that you were able to get very detailed logs for your blog access… I’m a stats freak as well, and always curious who is reading my own blog (apart from the blog spammer bots… grrr).

    Would you mind sharing what logging tool you use, or is that just part of the blogger package?

    Ta and g’ luck,


  2. I use sitemeter as well, but I think it only picks up HTML visits. If you publish via the sitefeed I think people can read your blog without your counter going up, at least that appears to be happening to me. Blogger just doesnt do stats as nicely as it should.

  3. Yup rick I love twinkys umn their nice having another one now umn umn umn….. love the show listening in sunny florida yup

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