Mmmmm… Coffee….

Really weird to be so buzzed about a new show but I am… Could be the coffee too…

The new show page on the 2FM site will be HERE

A bit sparse at the moment but it does have all the old brekkie show stuff on it and the very serious biog I wrote when I thought I was going to have to be an adult…

I’m really into the idea of randomly reading interesting stuff from other people’s blogs on the show; if you have one you think I should check out then mail me please – Same addy if you have a link to my blog on yours. I do like to know you care!

Will finally get time tonight to watch the 2 Arena Dylan specials I have saved on the Sky+ box at home and maybe make some headway on the book I’m currently reading:

Will definitely try to get him on the show at some point; really loved How To Start Your Own Country even if I didn’t get a cabinet post 🙁

Read “Are You Dave Gorman” a while back and this one bridges the gap between the two. Oh to have ideas like these…