My Weekend In The People’s Republic…

Only finally getting around to this now so sorry… Great, great weekend in Cork last Friday to Sunday. Played a gig in the Blu Bamboo as part of the Beamish Experience thingy and the crowd were great (as those in the real capital always tend to be).

Reminded me of a couple of years back when Ruth, Damien Farrelly and myself played Cork at the end of a week long tour of Vodafone student gigs (forget the place, sorry) and making the crowd pogo to The Sultans Of Ping 🙂 Not too hard to do that in Cork to be fair…

When I’ve got a really good crowd I always like to throw a track in at some point in the evening that most jocks wouldn’t chance. It adds a little spice to the proceedings :-))) This time round KT Tunstall’s Black Horse & The Cherry Tree got a run out and went down a treat.


PS And as I post this welcome to San Jose California, Boise Idaho, Potsdam New York & Toronto, Ontario… It’s not that I’m boasting, I just can’t get used to the idea of people actually reading what goes on here…!

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