Thursday’s Invisible Salute…

His name is Alan O’Flaherty from Wicklow Town and today he put the broadest possible smiles on Ruth and my own faces when we got 2 of these in the post:

Not sure if the detail came out great on the phonecam but the mousemat he had his company make for us with pictures from this very blog, Eddie Hobbs, Chris Martin, me as Darth Vader, our bus side and South Park Rick & Ruth now adorns the desk that Ruth and I now timeshare in the office (she has custody before 4, me after!)

Fair fecks to ya 🙂


PS Last time I’ll mention all the info I have from my new site meter I swear, but today we had visits to this little corner of the web from Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland (?), the US and France!

PPS And yes, knowing pepole are actually reading this does make me feel responsible to post more often.