The Blog Posting You Didn’t Think You’d See…

Yes, I promise I’ll be posting more and more often to the blog now! Why? Because there’ll be an awful lot less actual work to do 🙂

Yes, Ruth and I are being taken off the breakfast show…

Yes, we do love doing it and are gutted…

Yes, I will still be on 2FM…

Yes, I will be actually talking here on the blog about the experience of the last month we’re going to be on air, I promise…

R x

0 thoughts on “The Blog Posting You Didn’t Think You’d See…

  1. That sucks. I admit it took me a while to get used to you two, but it was the same with Ryan. However I think you were finding your feet and the show was improving. You should have been given more time. I read who your replacement is supposed to be, sorry but I’ve been trying to tolerate him for 25 years and I’m not going to listen to 1980’s radio anymore. I guess I’ll have to switch stations in the morning. Best of luck to you both, and I hope you’ll have more success and support with your future shows.

  2. Worst news ever!!
    They could of given you some time with the ‘new’ year of school and college starting and the increase of listeners.
    As for your replacement, it maybe the 1st time ever that i will have to change station in the mornings, and i’ve been listening since the days of Mr. Dempsey! Shame…
    Best of luck to both of you guys. You did a hell of a Job.
    (One of the) Best Breakfast Show EVER!!

  3. Fairly sucks, sorry man. Still at least you are back on nightime and can allow your geekeyness rule once more.

    Better fix my computer so I can put music on my iriver for the mornings

    Will you be keeping up the blog on your new slot?


    P.s. Ruth looks like she wants to deck someone in those photos from the zoo.

  4. Only just read this and never heard you were going off air. I was on holiday for a while so I wasn’t up that early in the morning.

    I’m really disappointed to hear this news.. Actually, when I read it I got a real sinking feeling as the show was getting into it’s stride. Are the powers that be mad or what?

    Well, that’s just put a damper on the start to my weekend 🙁

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