The Cult Of The Night Before

I have a new rule in life.

Never, EVER go to a launch that’s sponsored by your favourite type of alcohol. Being given out free. On trays.

Some of the “not noticing how many drinks were passing my lips” situation may have been to do with the sparkling company of Sigla, Unarocks, RPand for the first time (for me anyway) ex-Rose Of Tralee and, it turns out, all round good egg Aoibhinn. Who listens to the show. This makes her incredibly cool of course.

She, Shin and I ended up in a three way discussion (we were all on the same side though so it didn’t last long) about the nature of beauty contests and why the swimsuit section is always such a bad idea. I’m sure this is the thousandth time some randomers have bent her ear like this but she took it all in incredibly good humour. She does deal with schoolchildren ever day so she’s well used to the likes of us.

Anyway. Tangent.

Una talks much better about it here. I no type or speak so good today….. But I am glad the cult of “whiskey and sparkling water gives you no hangover” is spreading. If it was good enough for our ancestors for centuries, it’s good enough for us, people.

4 thoughts on “The Cult Of The Night Before

  1. Do you know why you feel so bad? Those “doctored” jameies – trust a tabloid act to drag us down to their level. Ahem.

  2. Hi Rick.

    Dont quite know what to make of your blog just yet. Might keep reading for a while till I make up my mind.
    All seems a little tame don’t you think?
    Don’t know why you link Twenty Major to your blog. Is there something you want to say and don’t have the courage to say it?
    Bald Devil loves you all..

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