The Curious Incident Of The Presenter In The Breakfast Time…

Now here’s the rub:

I have 2 and a half weeks of the breakfast show left to do and many, MANY people all clustering around me like a Ballyhaunis wake asking in hushed tones how I am, how the family are holding up, is it very painful and telling me how it’ll all be easier with time…

Away from all that, the other half of me (the one that gets switched on at 6 and off at 9) is really relishing all this. Being a naturally stroppy person when it comes to my career I’ve actually found myself going on every morning thinking “Right then! For all the ne’er do wells who’ve switched on this morning to see if they can hear me crack on air I’m going to fire on all cylinders!” And so I have…

Never in the course of my time on radio has it been easier to do a gig every day 🙂


0 thoughts on “The Curious Incident Of The Presenter In The Breakfast Time…

  1. Isn’t it great going back to nights all the same ?

    Remember your old page (nw now)
    w all the weird r’o’s tribute pages.. THATS nighttime fans for you 🙂
    and the canadian fans who could (and can) listen in from work again

    not to mention the petition

    and all…

    now some of us will be awake and can actually listen in

    B-b-back with the bus stop biography and G-g-goodbye good sensibility

    Hooray is what I say :-|)

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