The day we almost ruined all our careers….

It’s a tired cliché but the weeks really have flown by… But before I head off into the arctic wilds of Donnybrook I have to note a passing… You may know her name from the millions of references to her on air but the only surviving member of the original team on the old Full Irish is our broadcast assistant Penny and today, she’s off.

Only for a couple of months allegedly while they make her into an all powerful producer but we think that once she gets a taste of real power she’ll be running Pat Kenny in no time so au revoir to her and bonjour to our new guy David – make him feel at home when you ring y’all…

As for me I’ve started to rebel a bit 🙂 The original idea of “to bed by 9 so I can be up at 4” is pretty much out the window at this stage as last night it was 11.30 by the time I hit the leaba. My experiment in just how little sleep a human being needs to continue functioning continues…


PS Weird moment of the week? Was in a taxi into Dublin city centre that I’d hailed out on the dual carriageway outside RTE, the driver was listening to a talk show, chatted a bit and then as we pulled up in town and I handed him the fare he asked with a smile “so, how are the early mornings treatin’ ya…?” Having my face recognised is still the weirdest sensation….

PPS We almost ruined all our careers this morning when picking “Cheesy Listening” just before 9… I’ve been lobbying for the brilliant Charlie Daniels Band to get a spin and until our eagle eared producer Eamon pointed out the slight inappropriateness of it we almost inadvertently played “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” just before the minute’s silence to mourn the passing of the Pope…

I need to catch up on my sleep… Zzzzzzzzzz….. 🙂

0 thoughts on “The day we almost ruined all our careers….

  1. Hey Rick
    I like your blog… heard you speaking about it the other morning so i thought i’d have a quick peep. Not bad. Guess its probably difficult to think of what to say all the time but i’ll keep checking it out until you get boring. g’luck with the breaky show too. you 2 are doing a grand ol job!

  2. Ahh, au revoir Pennster, the last true bastion (and in fact one of the pillars) of the Full Irish is moving onto much bigger and better things. I can only imaging she will be sorely missed by your crew Rick, she’s a legend of the living variety, but, it’s time to kick a mould of your own together in a shape which you are happy with! 🙂

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