The Dead Carpet….

Yup, was at the Meteor Awards for the first time in about 5 years last night and only then because I was presenting one (we all knew where the Best DJ one was going and rightly so). It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.

When a blacked out people carrier shows up at your house you know you’re not in Kansas anymore…

It was the first time I’ve ever walked a red carpet and I came out the far end like I’d been hit by a sack of doorknobs. So many people shouting your name (photographers, people with microphones, tv crews, do I know you or do I know you just because you’re on the telly!?!?!?, flash, flash, there’s Clannad…..)

That’s followed by your own personal liaison escorting you through the crowds up to the VIP area. Su-rre-al.

Still, I had my wife to lean on and David. Joan and Amanda there for moral support. I don’t remember what I ad-libbed but apparently I was completely coherent! You can find out for yourself on Sunday at 9 on RTE2 if you so desire. Oh, and I met Dan and Becs! Sweet…..

I was so thrown by it all I took one photo – the view from my seat.



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  1. those lads from hot fuzz looked like they had a few…snow patrol were right when they said the best album should have gone to duke special..went to see him up in belfast avec divine comedy and he was fantastic

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