The Red Menace….

Another bizarre morning in an increasingly strange world this morning 🙂 In a couple of weeks, as part of the new 2FM schedule, you’ll see 12 of our ugly mugs spread across a gatefold cover of the RTE Guide.

Kind of like the one they do at Christmas except you’ll only recognise half the people :-)))))))

Anyhew, when there’s 2 and a quarter hours of beautifying to kill, boredom does set in…. There’ll eventually be 12 in the shot, all in red and black, but the first six were the group I was in: me, Ruth, Jenny, Damien Farrelly, Will and Oliver Callan…

In the interests of fairness (and to illustrate what photoshop and make up can do) I’ll start with my “before”:


Then there was Damo having his hair gently messed with:

Jenny being primped:

Will being clipped:

Oliver nipping out:

Ruth vogueing(!):

And the shot you won’t see in the RTE guide – us looking at them looking at us…..


Mad, Ted.


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