The Dying Art Of The Small Retailer…

Also got this from Alan and a fair point it is too:

Hi Rick

Saw this in the small ads in the Irish Times. Hopefully these guys will all see it through 2006. Worth remembering that for every mega shopping centre with British and European retailers that opens, small Irish owned businesses resort to clubbing together to pay for an ad in the IT.


I’ve taken in my old age to frequenting independent retailers wherever possible (my local chemist, the butcher across the road, the coffee shop in the village, cinemas in the city centre).

I’ve actually been in the rump of what remains of the old Dundrum Shopping Centre recently and it’s a strange experience as it’s to be redeveloped fairly soon as part of the Dundrum Town Centre. A lot of the old shops are gone, most of it is empty and there’s a strange air of ghost town over what remains…
Remember that while we all are blinded by the lights and logos of the big (and usually it has to be said foreign) chains, if they are all we shop in soon they’ll be the only ones left and lack of choice is always a bad thing for the customer as Eddie Hobbs would tell us.

What Alan sent me is food for thought…


3 thoughts on “The Dying Art Of The Small Retailer…

  1. Damn my camera phone for being poor.I would have shown you the writing on the bottom of a bathroom door saying “Beware of the phantom Limbo Dancer”……..well I thought it was funny

  2. When I was in a pharmacy in Sligo I was buying eye makeup for the groom (see explanation below) I was offered some unspecified ‘mate’. Much too like League of Gentlemen for my hungover head at the time, mate was bufty speak for ‘meat’. At a pharmacy. Seriously.

    *It was a big day for the guy and his eyes DID look a bit puffy. I was the best man, so what am I going to do?…

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