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  1. Hi Rick,
    You were at UCD today and I was one of the people you gave a talk to. I’m so excited about Belfield FM which is lame, I know coz it’s only a student thing but I think I’m going to love it. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d check out my blog. Not to read it all but to leave a comment? If you don’t have time it’s cool. Also… what’s your real name? A bunch of us were wondering that after your talk when it was too late to ask you.

    And what’s with the horny wasps??? *starts to laugh*

    Anyway thanks for the talk today it was cool. I thought you were gonna be old (sorry! Just being honest!) but you were funny and only 32! I liked you. I’ll start listening to your sow now and tell you what I think of it. (whether you like it or not! Ha ha!)

    I like the blog it’s wonderfully random!

    PLEASE check out my blog! It’s at krazykurves.blogspot.com

    Thanks again,
    Jane Quinn

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