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Was asked today for the second time in the last couple of years today to go over and address the assembled staff of the student radio station in UCD. I went there at one point (!) and was on the first station they had waaaaay back in 1991 (and yes, that does make me feel more prehistoric than usual) along with a student newsreader who has become a full time blogger these days… 🙂
Had a bit of time to kill before I went over to them in the lovely new student building by the playing fields so thus today’s picture diary…

The glass and concrete ex-security hut by the lake near the Arts Building that was our studio all those years ago. At least they have their own portakabin now 🙂

Theatre L – spent lots of time dozing and writing poetry here…

A poster advertising Turn… As Ollie reads here: love the butterflies…. Very pretty 🙂

And then there were this year’s staff – some more entheusiastic than others (note the guy down the back!)

Anyhew they’re all lovely and have a lovely website too:



PS Thanks to Eoin who I met there today and recommended this to me:


Loads of new US and Canadian music to check out…

And to Jane who was also present and mailed me her blog too:


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  1. Rick, ya ledge, great workshop and thanks a mill for coming out to speak to us; thought you might have been mildly interested that the old 252 building at Mornington is now the local HQ for Meath County Council and the Marigold is now not the only Chinese in Trim, there’s a nice new place near the Super Valu called Busaba that does a mean Thai Green Curry. *slobbers* Anyway, cheers for coming out, take care of yerself…

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