The Lives Of Others

Time to come out of the shadows I think.

Recently I set up what i think is a fairly unique group blog project called The Lives Of Others. The premise is a simple one as it says on the site itself:

The Lives Of Others is a unique group blog project.

In order to allow the participants to post freely and anonymously on the most intimate subjects in their lives there is only one username that all have access to. Thus any of the posts could have been written by any of the anonymous participants.

None of the authors know the identities of any of the others or even how many people write here. Membership is closed and by invitation only although do please feel free to comment on anything you read.


It’s been running for a while with the first group of writers but now I think is the time to show it to the world so all I ask you to do for me if you can is check it out, comment if you feel like, please write about it on your blog or blogroll if you can, simple as that.

If you feel passionately enough to write something for it then just drop me a mail and let me know and I’ll sort you for the communal username and password providing I think you’re kosher 😉


10 thoughts on “The Lives Of Others

  1. Great idea!

    PS I hope I am putting the comment in the right place since I cannot see box and print is very, very pale. HELP needed for old ladies!

  2. bit of a comment riot! this is great though, really great. will be blogrolling indeed.

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