Wanna Be In The Tudors?

Wanna be in this?

Grand so…

Audition Details:  Open Casting Today (Wed 28 May) & Tomorrow (Thur 29 May) Liberty Hall, Eden Quay,
                          Dublin 11.00am – 7.30pm. Just turn up – no need to make appointment…no need to bring
                          a photo. If under 16 you must be accompanied by an adult.
                          E-Mail your details (height/weight etc) with photo to tudorextras@yahoo.co.uk
                          Post your details (including photo) to: Tudors Casting, Ardmore Studios, Herbert Road,
                          Bray, Co.Wicklow
                         Phone: 01.2769311
Filming of The Tudors will be held over this summer and will take place in Ardmore Studios, Bray, Co.Wicklow, in Dublin city and in Co.Wicklow     

9 thoughts on “Wanna Be In The Tudors?

  1. Will they take anyone coming from America as an extra? I’m black and Japanese and I Love the tudors… I wouldn’t mind being an extra but I don’t think i’ve seen any black people on the show yet. Does anyone know???

  2. What will the audition process be like? Will an audition piece be required, or is some other form of preparation needed?

  3. OMG! I thought this was new! I could have been within spitting distance of Henry Cavill.

    Why have you cruched my little heart?

  4. am no its not its new they were advertising it on the radio yesterday and i knew from my acting coach last tues so the auditions are on next wed and thurs may 2009

  5. Didn’t mean to post that twice… it told me that it didn’t post so I tried again, and didn’t know how to delete it… Sorry… ^^

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