The Real Rick O’Shea

I have rarely had greater or more wonderful surprises…

The first time I put the name “Rick O’Shea” into Altavista back in around 1995 there were only 2 DJs with that name,me and an Anerican guy who was very famous in China. From time to time over the years he’s crossed my virtual path again (I even once thought about doing a series of interviews for the show with the Rick O’Shea’s around the world. You kow the kind of thing, the porn star, the Canadian bobsled team member, the Welsh rugby commentator, the Yorkshire policeman, but it was voted down as being wildy self-indulgent and rightly so!)

Then. Mr Maybury, somehow bumps into him.

And videos him.


via Culch

8 thoughts on “The Real Rick O’Shea

  1. You should go to Beijing to meet the guy.. I have a friend there also.. His name is Rick too.. Do you know him? Rick Shaw is his full name..

  2. Awe struck. I’m sure that line from the movie could be adapted for this

    “of all the lakeside cafes where-DJs-with-the-same-name-as-DJs-you-know-on-the-otherside-of-the-planet-sit in all of China in all the world, you had to walk into mine”

    This (including that “line”) will all make sense someday.

  3. Classic. David was so looking forward to interviewing him. Must catch up with the culch posts.

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