When Mozart Came To Tullamore

I *think* this is the 5th year I’ve been involved in hosting the National Student Enterprise Awards, where kids from schools all across the country take part in regional finals and then head to Tullamore for the big one in May.

This year no-one had welded themselves a best friend, but things were colourful enough as it was…





Sadly the promised photo hasn’t turned up from the girls with the sexual health project who took it. It must remain in lore…

5 thoughts on “When Mozart Came To Tullamore

  1. It’s brilliant Orpees, the music is scanned into a laptop which you prop on its side and change the pages with a foot pedal…

  2. Hey Rick! Didya see our JCE Matz thing?? We were across from Digi I! Actually ya it was me that called you a legend going out the door! Hahaha!

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