The seven unassuming wonders of Ireland…

Yesterday we asked you for your little wonders and treasures and boy did you tell us about you local wonders. We were looking for the Seven unassuming wonders of Ireland… and we got lots more than seven…

Here’s a brief recap and some that we didn’t get to …

What bout the moving statues Rick? Or the ballybough wurly burger? Or the battered mars bar?

Corn hill in Co, Longford. The biggest mountain in Ireland, only for it’s in a hollow. From C-MAC in Longford…

There’s a 3 legged dog on Inis Mor Island. He plays football like a mad thing. If he lost another leg he’d be arsing round the island! Aisling Galway

St Fintan’s Well, Cromogue, Mountrath, Co Laois. Only remaining well of 7 wells left by St Fintan. Drink its water to heal your ills. It works! Caroline Laois

Rick the royal Breffni pub is half in Cavan and half in Meath .mark. Half in Meath and half in Cavan

Roundabout in Belmullet in co mayo the only roundabout in the world u have to reverse onto to drive around it there’s parking spaces all around it that u drive n to however to get out u have 2reverse on to the roundabout. Mike n limerick

Rick we live beside a Well that cures baldness.. St Michaels well in Ballymore, Ventry Co Kerry.. Our B&B is named after it. “TOBAIR MICHAEL’. From Lorraine in Kerry

The wart well in the glen of Immal for getting rid of warts!, it’s a hole the shape of a big foot in a rock stuck in the ground! It works, Keith from Wicklow.

Ducking stool in Belturbet co Cavan. Used in Medieval times to ‘duck expected witches in2 the river to cleanse them from evil, now used to put manners on the local boyz! From a forlorn Belturbet gal 🙂

Hollywood in Co. Wicklow as its the only cul de sac village in Ireland. Sue

How about the Pyramid in The Neale in Mayo. Honest

The boat house lambs head, Caherdaniel, Kerry… Someone built their house in the shape of a ship back in the 60’s. Looks like a ship stuck in the cliff when looking at it from the beach in Derrynane

NOONS HOLE IN BOHO, CO FERMANAGH. Colin from Letterkenny.

There’s a musical bridge in mayo if you run along holding a stone it will play a tune
Musical bridge, mayo, one brick from being finished for years and cant be.

There’s a pyramid in Kinnity in Offaly … It’s black n really weird! (read) (look)

The raggedy bush on the Kells rd Kilkenny there’s a knee print of St. Patrick and a harp and shamrock in the stone there Adrian

The money tree in Portlaoise. Over de years people have put money in to the tree, stuck it into the bark. Believing it to b lucky. The tree must b worth a fortune! Can u barely c any bark of de tree just coins. Jan

Hi Rick how about fore abbey in Westmeath it has its own 7 wonders including a stream that flows up hill (and even its own Wikipedia page)

Rick, it has to be the dancing boards of Killeshin in Carlow. Only in Ireland Robert.
The dancing boards of Killeshin are wooden boards that people dance on in a random field summer. That’s what they’re for. Robert (read) (satellite view!)

The long woman’s grave Omeath (over 12ft long she was)

Rick the jumping church in Ardee…. (look) (read)

A lighthouse in Kells, co. Meath. Miles from any coast line……

The leaning tower of kilmacduagh in Gort county Galway… It’s a site to be seen…


There is a hill in coolgreany in Wexford that you roll back up it.. Not down like you should.. Weird ..

There is one of those roads in Donegal on manmore gap. it’s the gravity that pulls the car back up.

Rick there’s a magic road near Newry, you park the car on it, take the handbrake off and it goes UP the hill. It’s true I’ve been there. Denise in Mayo

Magic Road in Sligo. Near Benbulben
It’s up in d horse shoe in Sligo

Hey Rick surely Mahon falls in Waterford would be considered a wonder? If u stop your car half way down d hill leading down t d falls, turn off your engine d car rolls backwards UP d hill…. James in Tipperary

EDIT – the girls at have their own story connected to this…

3 thoughts on “The seven unassuming wonders of Ireland…

  1. “Rick there’s a magic road near Newry, you park the car on it, take the handbrake off and it goes UP the hill. It’s true I’ve been there. Denise in Mayo

    Yup been there as a kid and brought our American cousin, he was blown away.

    And incidentially it is on the road to the longest woman’s grave outside Omeath talked about…

    “The long woman’s grave Omeath (over 12ft long she was)

  2. Hey RM 🙂 Am never less than fascinated by the cool stuff just under our noses…

  3. oooh Redmum – that’s the same one we used to go to! I took my husband there years ago and we were like kids – I don’t think he really believed it could be true until it happened!

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