EDIT I’ve bumped this back up to the top of the page because I loved reading the responses and had people ask me how long it was going to last so maybe one more push? 🙂
This is an experiment inspired by Frank Warren’s brilliant Postsecret. We had him on the show many moons ago talking about the book he compiled from the postcards sent to him.

Since then, on a few occasions we’ve done Textsecret on the show, based around the same concept. You anonymously text us one secret that you’ve never told anyone. It can be strangely theraputic both for the person who texts and the person who reads.

So, here on this post, I’m opening it up in exactly the same way. Tell me, anonymously, a secret you’ve never told anyone in the comments below.

Maybe my blogging mates would link to this to try and get the word out? I’m fascinated to see what happens…
EDIT – The dedicated Textsecrets blog is now up and running HERE

36 thoughts on “Blogsecret…

  1. I once slid down the inside of a rolled up carpet and got trapped.. Oh, I forgot to make myself anon…

  2. I’m 23 and I’ve only ever snogged and slept with one woman. We’re no longer together.

  3. I once had a job in a car rental company and wrote off one of their cars. I never told them I couldn’t drive when i applied for the job.

  4. I love my kids, but most days, I want to run away from them and have a life again.

  5. I could spend all morning talking to her, all day talking to her, all evening talking to her, all through the night talking to her and still want to start again the following morning.

  6. I’ve been in love with one person for about a year and a half, and it’s becoming less and less likely we’ll ever get together (and harder to imagine it).
    It’s a secret because no one I know thinks I’m stupid enough to still be devoted to him.

  7. I know secrets about someone that could seriously FUCK up his life if I told anyone. And I’m going to tell someone. In fact, I’m going to tell the precise people that are going to seriously FUCK him up.

    Any why?


    Because I can’t stand that he’s doing better than me when it’s all based on a huge lie, and I am the lousy piece of shit that’s covering for him.

  8. I think i’m loosing him! And i can’t live without him! I dont know what will happen if he walks out of my life!

  9. Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby and are havin problems due to my fertility.

  10. I have many friends, a boyfriend of 5 years and a really nice job but I’m still convinced nobody likes me.

  11. I’m 22 and have only ever kissed and slept with one woman – I hope I never have to change that.

  12. I’m in my thirties and have no friends. I am basically a recluse – have not been on a night out for coming up on 10 years now. It gets me down. Even if someone tries to draw me into their circle of friends, I retreat from it. If I’m really honest, I don’t like who I’ve become – I feel like a failure most of the time.

  13. i think about him every day, and i havent seen him in two years. I miss him

  14. I love you to pieces, I can’t imagine being without you, but our fighting is tearing me apart.

  15. I just made an ugly man very happy. What he didn’t know was that he did for me what I haven’t let anyone do to me for over a year.

  16. Thanks to everyone… Did you get anything from getting it off your chest? I feel a full time blog devoted to this coming on if there’s enough interest…

  17. I tried not to think about you for the last two days. Even lapsing for a second was unnbearable. I just filled every second with something to block out the pain. I managed until this morning when I saw you out of the corner of my eye.

  18. i love him, i think hes’ going to leave me. my friends hate him. i can’t live without him…

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