The Spiders In My Back Yard And the First Ever Blog Competition!

The first one has built a web covering 80% of the window, my son and his friends love her so much they visit every day…

This bad boy is hiding beside the bin beside the shed – came upon him late, late one night and have stayed away ever since…

A thought – mail me the weirdest pic on your phone and we’ll have a “best of” gallery here with luvely prizes for some (cds, DVDs, gig tix, anything else we can steal from the new breakfast show’s prize cabinet) –

Couple of things to check out on the web today:

Brilliant – trying to get a copy to play on the show..

Aberfeldy – The Love Is An Arrow Video
Played on the show last night – link as promised…

Probably no more blog today as I’m in Untitled Central producing the show and it’s straight home to watch the footy afterwards. Mark Geary live in studio on the show tonight, Damo reporting from the game, much, much less…


0 thoughts on “The Spiders In My Back Yard And the First Ever Blog Competition!

  1. hehehe…that reminds me of the time there was a spider in my room and i left a glass on it on the floor for about 3 days!!!!
    show rocks rick so does the blog!!!!
    say hi to all in TYin portumna!!!

  2. I have an …interesting pic on my phone from Oxegen… all I have to do is figure out how to get it off the phone. Mark Geary is excellent, will be listening into the show. Missing him in Vicar Street though sadly.

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