Today’s Picture Diary – Queuing For The Car Tax…


The System:



PS As to be revealed on the show in a few minutes the aggregate result of all of our console Ireland V Switzerland players?


The bet will be placed in the morning – charity to be your choice if it wins…

0 thoughts on “Today’s Picture Diary – Queuing For The Car Tax…

  1. You think you had it toug in the tax office today – I locked my keys into my car and spent four hours trying to break in with a coat hanger and a piece of string!

    Have’nt tried this Blog business before… think I may have sent this mail several times…SORRY!!

  2. Rick.
    Got round this one over here. Taxed my car ‘online’ from home and the biggest surprise? It worked! Tax disc arrived in post 3 daays later.
    It works so well they’re bound to drop it and make us queue up at the post office again.
    Horsham, UK

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