Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire…?

Visitor No 1000 to the blog!!!
Oct 11 2005 7:17:02 pm
Gowran Grange, Kildare

I know it doesn’t sound that impressive but I only started the counter last week 🙂

Our first readers in the last 24 hours from India, Morocco, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong (2!) and people logged on from gov.ie & princeton.edu

I’m still fascinated by some of the referrals I’m getting from search engines:

“Outside braodcast unit”
“2fm Rick and Ruth Show”
“ghost of christmas past pictures”
“Oasis pink wristband”

Second biggest day for visitors on the blog yesterday and hello to our first official celebrity blog reader – Ollie Cole from Turn.

I need to do some work for the actual show now…