Vote Carlow!

We’ve had a plea for help on the show. This came in over the weekend:

Hi Rick,

I’m pleading with you to help our cause. today I logged on to the website and discovered that my county, Carlow is bottom of the 32 counties competing to make it on to the new Monopoly board.

I’m devastated. this was our chance to put ourselves on the map so to speak. we know we’re never going to win the All-Ireland… we’re realistic about where we figure in the country’s favourite tourism spots. but this was an opportunity to be proactive and get Carlow the recognition it deserves.

But unfortunately we don’t have the votes… yet! I’m hoping that’s all going to change and you’re going to help. at this stage Dublin is pretty much home and dry so please please please get behind Carlow and make sure not only do we not finish bottom but that we make it on to the board. ask our fellow Leinster neighbours who have already voted to give us the boost we need. ask all your listeners to take pity on us. bribe them if you have to, I don’t care but please don’t let Carlow be an also-ran yet again.


Right so. Let it not be said I don’t have love for the underdog. They need the bones of 3,500 votes in the next eleven days. I have 3,500 listeners, don’t I? If you add them with blog readers and Bebo friends… 🙂

Vote Carlow and it’s free pints for all of us the next time we’re there!


4 thoughts on “Vote Carlow!

  1. The posting must have done something, Antrim is now down at the bottom. Go Carlow!!

  2. So, people who’ve managed to vote – what email address did you use? It won’t accept mine, even gmail.
    It’s an anti-Carlow bias, I tell ya.

  3. I had to try about a zillion time before it would accept my vite… no wonder we’re doing so bad!!!

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