Vote Yes For Divorce!!!

Found these pix in one of the PC folders, a few I took a while back of the (particularly politically orientated!) badge collection my dad bought in a charity shop and I cajoled him into giving to me. I’ve added to them since, thay make me nostalgic for the times when badges were, if not cool, then at least plentiful…

One of my mates actually wanted the double of the Harry Chapin badge I had… I duly obliged…

Devlins live from Electric Picnic later in the week on the show and something from Razorlight at Oxegen ahead of 2FM Live this weekend… After midnight Dan has Antony & The Johnsons live from Montreaux on Friday night, Jenny has The Lemonheads at Benicassim during the week…


0 thoughts on “Vote Yes For Divorce!!!

  1. Hey there… just tracked back your visit to my blog and found out you work on a radio station. I work on a radio as well (and on a TV station too). I’m brazilian and I write my blog in portuguese, but it was cool to know that a far away coleague have visited my site. Thanks a lot for coming by and I also checked your profile on the radio you work at and the kind of music you play are just the same I’m into.

  2. waita minute Mandela aint free yet?Someones been lieing to me for the past…………loads of years.I say we need U2 to do another song about him,that will get him released

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