I’ve seen it.

No, I can’t tell you anything about it because there’s a strict embargo til…

*looks up*

The 27th.

Off to London on Monday to interview some of the cast.

Review soon.

I know, I’m a great big huge feckin tease…

9 thoughts on “Watchmen

  1. Carlsberg don’t do jammy comic loving DJ/blogger/twitter celebrities, but if they did then you sir would be their finest work !

  2. I read the squid’s a no-show. I kind of lost interest at that. I’m sure it’s a delightful collection of set pieces that look very like scenes from the novel.
    I can’t be entirely sure. There’s a lot of tachyons around the 6th of March, they’re preventing me from seeing the future properly.

  3. Ghost World is very good B’Dum but I think you’d like American Splendor more. Speaking of jammy I walked into a kids toystore in Carlow once and found a copy there signed by Harvey Pekar 🙂

    GofE I can tell you he definitely doesn’t, as his name isn’t on the credits – only “co-created by Dave Gibbons” but I seem to remember reading that’s just because he’s never wanted to see his name on a film version of this anywhere and nothing against this particular version…

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