Craft Beer For June…

So, what have I been drinking and enjoying over the last little while?

Some beers you might want to give a try to…

WP_20150602_20_18_20_Pro WP_20150530_18_03_22_Pro

WP_20150529_21_17_03_Pro WP_20150528_19_09_54_Pro

WP_20150528_19_09_14_Pro WP_20150526_19_50_36_Pro

WP_20150523_21_04_04_Pro WP_20150519_20_54_36_Pro

WP_20150519_19_43_28_Pro WP_20150516_20_08_09_Pro

WP_20150514_20_15_16_Pro WP_20150505_21_49_58_Pro

WP_20150505_20_14_52_Pro WP_20150427_22_31_11_Pro

WP_20150425_15_12_50_Pro WP_20150425_15_12_36_Pro

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