Get These Down Your Gob

And, as promised, craft beer post number 2 playing catch-up on the last couple of months.

Some stuff I liked included:

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You might remember me asking about the availability of Japanese craft beers in Ireland after my trip there. Very few it seems apart from this lovely which you can get in Yamamori…


Celtic Warrior is new and they were kind enough to drop me in some. Nice and well worth your time…


Same goes for O’Hara’s sending me this – I liked it so much I went out and bought some more…


And then there’s these 3 babies – Millennium is very hefty but beautiful, Little Sumpin’ is gorgeous and well worth your time and the BPBP Black Coffee IPA is one of my beers of the year…

WP_20150929_19_34_50_Pro WP_20150926_19_30_34_Pro